How to sell

Why Your Antiquarian?

Our specialty is ancient art. We have clients from all continents looking to acquire new quality pieces for their collection. For that reason we are always looking to buy nice pieces to add to our shop.

Ready to sell?

Your Antiquarian can assist with selling your collection of ancient art. Our flexible, hands-on approach enables us to accept single items, groups, or entire collections. All pieces must comply with our professional ethics, they must have been legally acquired and we will not buy any piece without provenance.

How it works

Ancient Art for sale | Documents
Contact us and send us everything you are interested in selling, by WhatsApp (+34 644811359), email ( or by sending us a message through our ‘Contact us’ section.

Ancient Art for sale | Photos
Attach photos as well as a brief description, dimensions, history, provenance or any other documentation.

Ancient Art for sale | Ok
You have it all done, in 24/48 hrs maximum you will get an answer, We will take care of everything and you will receive the agreed money.