Terms and conditions

www.yourantiquarian.com is a website operated by JOSE MANUEL BUSTILLO LOZA (wich we refer to as “Your Antiquarian”, “us”, “we”, or “our” in these terms). We are registered in Spain under the VAT number ES48576541N and have our registered office at Calle Azorín 6, Bajo N3 Esquina, 03669, Rafal (Alicante).


1. Your Antiquarian guarantees the authenticity of the antiquities and coins which are offered, each piece sold will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by us with their image, description and provenance and also by any scientific analysis or studies that have been expressly carried out for the said piece, and which have been mentioned previously in the description.

2. All the antiquities and coins have been acquired strictly complying with the laws of heritage protection and UNESCO’s heritage norms.

3. Our cataloguings, descriptions and certificates has been carried in accordance with their professional experience, previous investigation and checking against similar pieces catalogued in public collections, private collections or to be found in the art market.

4. We hereby inform clients that sales with destination to other countries, whether or not they are part of the European Union, are subject to the previous acquirement of an export permit issued by the Spanish authorities. Moreover, when the country of destination of the piece is not part of the European Union, Spanish legislation imposes an export tax. Your Antiquarian will inform interested parties about this on request.

5. In the case that said export permit is denied, the purchase agreement stands null and void, without responsibility falling on either party. Your Antiquarian will then proceed to refund the client the price paid for the piece, and in the case that this has also been paid in advance, the export tax.

6. Any other expenses, taxes or customs duties connected to the importation of the piece, which are required under the legislation of the country to which the piece is to be delivered, must be met totally at their own expense by the client.

7. We accept the following payment methods: Wire transfer, PayPal, Debit and Credit Card.

8. On the prevention of money laundering or terrorist financing, according with directive (EU) 2015/849 and 2018/843, all clients will be asked to provide proof of identification (valid passport, driving license, ID card and a proof of address) when purchasing or selling art works valued 10.000 € or more in a single or linked transaction. If you represent a company you will need to provide details of directors, evidence of incorporation and the ultimate beneficial owners.

9. The shipment, in general, take place within the three days following the receipt of payment, except in cases of agreement between both parties, in which case the client will be informed of the exact date and the means of dispatch. In the case where the country of destination is not Spain, the dispatching of the piece will take place in the same conditions stated, but counting from the receipt of the corresponding export permission issued by the Spanish authorities.

10. Shipping is indicated in the checkout process; we do not make a profit on postage and packing and our shipping simply reflect our own experience with various agents.

11. The shipment may be organized by the buyer but will discharge any liability to Your antiquarian for possible compensation, loss of the package or damage.

12. The piece can be returned by any circumstance as long as it is within the first three months from the purchase and the piece is returned in the same conditions in which the received (no damage or deterioration). The expenses that could derive from the return (transport, insurance, etc) will be at the expense of the buyer.

13. The pictures of our antiquities and coins may not be used without our consent. All of them are property of Your Antiquarian.

14. Logos are registered under the license of Creative Commons.