Terms and conditions

I РAll our items have been acquired strictly complying with the laws of heritage protection and UNESCO’s heritage norms.
II – To ensure privacy, the provenance does not appear expressly, at the time of purchase and requesting the buyer, It will be detailed in case of a particular collection from where proceeds or if it is from an auction, the name of the auction, number and lot.
III – Our cataloguings, descriptions and certificates has been carried in accordance with our experience, investigation and checking against similar pieces catalogued in collections.
IV – When the country of destination of the item is not part of the European Union, the expenses, taxes or customs duties connected to the importation of the piece, which are required under the legislation of the country to which the piece is to be delivered, must be met totally at their own expense by the client.
V – The payment methods accepted are bank transfer and PayPal.
VI – The shipment occurs within three days after the receipt of payment.
VII – All shipments will be insured for the total amount of the item.
VIII – The piece can be returned by any circumstance as long as it is within the first three months from the purchase and the piece is returned in the same conditions in which the received (no damage or deterioration). The expenses that could derive from the return (shipment, insurance, etc) will be at the expense of the buyer.