Bronze Age painted jug


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ITEMPainted jug
CULTUREEarly Bronze Age
PERIOD3500 – 2000 B.C
DIMENSIONS145 mm x 148 mmm
CONDITIONGood condition, repaired
PROVENANCEEx Museum Exhibiton of the Arbeitsgruppe für Biblische Archäologie, Germany (Deaccession)

During the Early Bronze Age, pottery vessels played a crucial role in daily life, serving various functions such as storage, cooking, and ritualistic purposes. These vessels were typically handmade using clay, which was readily available in many regions. The pottery of this period exhibits a wide range of shapes, sizes, and decorative styles, reflecting the diversity of cultures and traditions across different regions.

One of the distinguishing features of Early Bronze Age pottery is the development of new ceramic techniques and styles. As societies transitioned from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, pottery production became more sophisticated. Potters began using potter’s wheels to create vessels with more uniform shapes and sizes. Additionally, advancements in firing techniques led to the production of pottery with improved durability and strength. Surface decorations, such as incised patterns, impressed designs, and painted motifs, became more elaborate, showcasing the artistic skills of ancient craftsmen.

The vessels pottery of the Early Bronze Age also provides valuable insights into the socio-economic dynamics of ancient societies. The distribution of pottery styles and types across different archaeological sites can reveal patterns of trade and exchange networks, as well as variations in cultural practices and social structures. Moreover, the presence of specific types of pottery, such as cooking pots, storage jars, and ceremonial vessels, can shed light on the domestic activities, foodways, and religious beliefs of ancient communities.