Greek epichysis


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MATERIALPottery, Gnathia Ware
PERIOD4th Century B.C
DIMENSIONS183 mm x 80 mm
CONDITIONGood condition
PROVENANCEEx Emeritus collection (USA), collected from the 1950’s to the 1980’s by a distinguished university professor who served as Department head, Dean and Vice President of a major university.

Epichysis, epichysis or epichise is a vessel similar to an oil cruet with a long, thin spout and a flat base without a foot, used in libations to pour its contents (perfume) almost drop by drop. It has also been described as a small jug with a long, narrow neck and a ‘spool body’, fitted with an upright handle.

The Latin term “epichysis” comes from the Greek word for libation, derived from cneo (to pour) and epi (on). But as is often the case with names of this kind, the name is so vague that it can be applied to the wide variety of vessels, jugs, cruets, etc., used for pouring liquids, such as the kyathos or cyathos.