Iron Age black juglet


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ITEMBlack juglet
PERIOD700 – 586 B.C
DIMENSIONS95 mm x 67 mm
CONDITIONGood condition
PROVENANCEEx Jerusalem private collection, acquired between 1975 – 1990.
PARALLELAMIRAN, R., Ancient Pottery of the Holy Land, p. 263, Fig. 263

Ceramics during the Iron Age played a crucial role in shaping the material culture and economic activities of various ancient civilizations. These ceramics were typically characterized by their utilitarian functions, with pottery serving as essential vessels for food storage, cooking, and transportation. In addition to their practical purposes, Iron Age ceramics often displayed decorative elements and intricate designs that reflected the cultural and artistic preferences of the time.

These ceramics provide valuable insights into the daily life, technological advancements, and trade networks of Iron Age societies. They are essential archaeological artifacts that aid in understanding the socio-economic dynamics, dietary habits, and artistic expressions of these ancient cultures. The study of Iron Age ceramics enriches our knowledge of the period and helps connect the dots between archaeological findings and the lives of the people who lived during this pivotal era in human history.