Roman Provincial, Nero, AE


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DATE67-68 AD
SIZE & WEIGHT17 mm, 4,17 gr
OBVERSENEPWN, laureate head right [countermark: radiate head right in oval]
REVERSEETPYC VPKAICAPEWN, Boule seated left, dropping pellet into voting urn
REFERENCESRPC I 4063; Ziegler 51 (V2/R2); SNG Levante 1368; (for countermark: Howgego 102 var. (radiate).
PROVENANCEEx German private collection, acquired between 1960 – 1990
LITERATURERPC identifies the countermark as Howgego 23 (bearded head of Zeus right) while Ziegler identifies it as Howgego 102 (male head right). This sharply struck countermark reveals a radiate head with the features of Nero. This depiction of Nero is most likely that of the Colossus, a 120 foot tall bronze statue of Nero as Sol that was created by Zenodorus for the vestibule of the Domus Aurea, or Golden House, a massive palace constructed by Nero after the fire of 64 AD. This is a common reverse type on imperial aurei and denarii (cf. RIC I 46-47). The statue was destroyed after Nero’s downfall in 68, but its memory was retained in the popular name of the amphitheater constructed by the Flavians at the same site-the Colosseum.”