Roman Provincial, Nero, AE


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DATE67-68 AD
SIZE & WEIGHT17 mm, 4,17 gr
OBVERSENEPWN, laureate head right [countermark: radiate head right in oval]
REVERSEETPYC VPKAICAPEWN, Boule seated left, dropping pellet into voting urn
REFERENCESRPC I 4063; Ziegler 51 (V2/R2); SNG Levante 1368; (for countermark: Howgego 102 var. (radiate).
PROVENANCEEx German auction house (2017)
LITERATURERPC identifies the countermark as Howgego 23 (bearded head of Zeus right) while Ziegler identifies it as Howgego 102 (male head right). This sharply struck countermark reveals a radiate head with the features of Nero. This depiction of Nero is most likely that of the Colossus, a 120 foot tall bronze statue of Nero as Sol that was created by Zenodorus for the vestibule of the Domus Aurea, or Golden House, a massive palace constructed by Nero after the fire of 64 AD. This is a common reverse type on imperial aurei and denarii (cf. RIC I 46-47). The statue was destroyed after Nero’s downfall in 68, but its memory was retained in the popular name of the amphitheater constructed by the Flavians at the same site-the Colosseum.”