Roman head of a child


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ITEMHead of a child
PERIOD1st – 2nd Century A.D
DIMENSIONS65 mm x 50 mm x 65 mm (without stand)
CONDITIONGood condition. Includes stand
PROVENANCEEx Palestine collection, A. Z., acquired in 1930s

Roman child heads in marble are artistic representations of children created during the Roman Empire, known for their lifelike features and delicate craftsmanship. These sculptures strike a balance between naturalism and idealism, capturing the innocence and beauty of youth. Roman sculptors used high-quality marble and intricate carving techniques to depict children with remarkable precision. Often created as portraits of specific individuals, these child heads held symbolic value, serving as reminders of family lineage or commemorating deceased children when placed on tombstones. Drawing from Greek influences, Roman child heads showcase the continuity and evolution of artistic traditions, and their durability has allowed them to endure through the centuries, providing insights into the Roman world’s culture and aesthetics.

These Roman marble child heads, with their lifelike details and symbolic significance, offer a unique window into the art and culture of the Roman Empire. Made from high-quality marble and carved with exceptional precision, they strike a delicate balance between capturing naturalistic features and idealizing the beauty of youth. Often created as portraits of specific individuals, these sculptures served as important symbols of family and lineage, and some were placed on funerary monuments to memorialize deceased children. Drawing from Greek artistic traditions while adding their own Roman interpretation, these sculptures provide a tangible connection to the past and a testament to the skill and artistry of Roman sculptors.