Roman head of a woman with a headdress

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ITEMHead of a woman with a headdress
PERIOD2nd Century A.D
DIMENSIONS140 mm x 105 mm x 90 mm (without stand)
CONDITIONGood condition. Includes stand
PROVENANCEEx Swiss private collection, acquired between 1970’s – 1980’s

Roman heads of women with headdresses are a distinctive category of ancient Roman sculptures that depict female figures wearing various types of head coverings or headdresses. These sculptures were created during the Roman Empire, particularly during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, and they represent the fashion and style of that era.

These female busts and heads often display different types of headdresses, such as veils, diadems, tiaras, and elaborate hairstyles. These headdresses were not only elements of fashion but also symbols of the social status and cultural identity of the women depicted. For example, some headdresses might signify the wearer’s marital status or rank within society.

These sculptures are typically made of marble or other fine materials and were used as decorative elements in Roman homes, public spaces, and temples. They could also be found as part of funerary monuments. The artistic details of these sculptures, including the intricately carved headdresses and hairstyles, offer valuable insights into the aesthetics and fashion trends of ancient Roman women.

Roman heads of women with headdresses are essential artifacts for understanding the role of women in Roman society, as well as the artistic and cultural aspects of the time. They provide a window into the hairstyles, jewelry, and clothing of Roman women and offer clues about their societal roles and identities.