Bronze Age oil lamp, Type Kennedy 1, Group B


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ITEMOil lamp, Type Kennedy 1, Group B
PERIOD1400 – 1200 B.C
DIMENSIONS45 mm x 142 mm x 160 mm
CONDITIONGood condition
PROVENANCEEx Jerusalem private collection, acquired between 1975 – 1990.

Oil lamps played a significant role in lighting and daily life during the Bronze and Iron Ages. These lamps were simple yet effective devices consisting of a container for holding oil and a wick that would burn, providing illumination in the darkness. As technology and metallurgy advanced during the Bronze and Iron Ages, oil lamps became more sophisticated in terms of design and materials.

In the Bronze Age, oil lamps were often made of ceramic and had a rudimentary shape, with an oil reservoir and a spout or nozzle to hold the wick. These lamps were used in homes and places of worship, and some featured simple decorative designs.

In the Iron Age, oil lamps saw technological and stylistic advancements. They became more elaborate, with a wider variety of designs and materials, such as bronze. These lamps often featured decorative shapes and handles for easier transportation. In addition to their practical function, some Iron Age oil lamps also held symbolic and ritual significance in religious and funerary contexts.