Roman head of a young

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ITEMHead of a young
CULTURERoman, probably Hauran region
PERIOD1st – 2nd Century A.D
DIMENSIONS225 mm x 175 mm x 160 mm, Life-size
CONDITIONGood condition
PROVENANCEEx Swiss private collection, acquired in 1990’s

Roman period sculptures from the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly those depicting young individuals, offer insights into the diverse artistic and cultural influences that shaped the region during the Roman Empire. These sculptures are notable for their unique blend of Roman and Eastern artistic styles, reflecting the multicultural nature of the Eastern Mediterranean during that era.

These heads and busts often depict young people, both males and females, with distinctive features that reflect the diversity of the Eastern Mediterranean population. The sculptures frequently incorporate elements of traditional Roman portraiture, such as idealized facial features and hairstyles, but they also include elements that are indicative of the Eastern Mediterranean cultures of the time. This could include distinctive headgear, clothing, or jewelry that reflect local traditions and customs.

The Eastern Mediterranean was a region of great cultural exchange and interaction during the Roman period, and these sculptures are a testament to this fusion of styles and influences. They were created for various purposes, including public monuments, funerary art, and private decoration. Some of the most well-known examples come from cities like Palmyra in modern-day Syria, which was known for its unique blend of Roman and Eastern art and culture.