Roman oil lamp, Type ‘Herodian’, Kennedy 3, Hadad 4


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ITEMOil lamp, Type ‘Herodian’, Kennedy 3, Hadad 4
CULTURERoman, Judaea
PERIOD1st Century B.C – 2nd Century A.D
DIMENSIONS25 mm x 62 mm x 82 mm
CONDITIONGood condition
PROVENANCEEx Jerusalem private collection, acquired between 1975 – 1990.

Oil lamps used during the time of Herod, which falls within the period of the Second Temple in ancient Judea, approximately between 37 BCE and 4 BCE, represent a significant aspect of archaeology and material culture of the region during that era. These lamps, also known as “Herodian lamps,” were common objects in households and places of worship of the time.

Oil lamps from the time of Herod were typically made of ceramic or terracotta and were designed to hold oil and a wick that was lit to provide light. They often had a simple yet elegant design, with globular or oval shapes and sometimes featured decorative motifs such as geometric or floral patterns. These lamps were essential in daily life as they provided illumination in homes and were used in religious and ceremonial activities within the Second Temple in Jerusalem.