Bronze Age trefoil jug


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ITEMTrefoil jug
CULTUREBronze Age, Cypriot
PERIOD1450 – 1050 B.C
DIMENSIONS315 mm x 210 mm
CONDITIONGood condition
PROVENANCEEx Jerusalem private collection, acquired between 1975 – 1990.

Cypriot pottery from the Bronze Age is an important area of study for archaeologists and historians interested in the history of Cyprus and cultural interactions in the eastern Mediterranean during that period. Cypriot pottery from the Bronze Age, spanning approximately from 2300 to 1050 BCE, is characterized by its diversity of forms and decorative styles.

One of the most notable types of Cypriot pottery from the Bronze Age is the “bilbil,” a jar with a spherical body and a long, narrow neck. These jars had a variety of uses, including storage and transportation of liquids. Cypriot Bronze Age pottery often features a range of decorative designs, including geometric patterns, stylized animals, and floral motifs. These designs can provide insights into the aesthetics and iconography of the time, as well as the cultural influences that impacted pottery production in Cyprus.

Furthermore, Cypriot Bronze Age pottery has been found at archaeological sites throughout the island as well as in other locations in the eastern Mediterranean. This suggests active participation by Cyprus in the trade networks of the era and its influence in cultural diffusion within the region.